Recycling your Scrunchie Plastic

This is great news because it means there will be less rubbish in the oceans and it will be better for us and for all animals and marine life.


If it is soft or flexible like packaging from groceries such as bread, rice, pasta, toilet paper and frozen foods.   


Bubble wrap

Postal bags and document sleeves

Zip lock bags

Clean cling wrap, freezer bags and plastic wrap from appliances

Plastic cereal or biscuit wraps from inside cereal or biscuit boxes

Plastic bags from department stores and supermarkets


You can collect the plastic at home and put it into your recycling bin or you can bring it to school and put it in one of these bins.


We are giving every class one of these blue bags and you can hang it up on your door near the bin and put any soft plastic into it.  Remember to put your paper/bottles etc into the recycled bin and your plastic into the bag.


You can’t put everything in!   You cannot recycle silver or foil lined packaging including chip, chocolate bar or ice cream wrappers like these. Plastic bags labelled as degradable or compostable are not recyclable.

Remember to take a reusable bag when you go shopping and say a BIG NO to bottled water. 

Stay tuned for more information about our new Recycling room which will up and running soon.