Our Japanese room is always ‘NIGIYAKA’ (lively)! We use lots of technology in class to help us learn Japanese. Thanks to grants worth $30,000, our Japanese program now has iPads, iPods, laptops, MP3 recorders, flip cameras and more. We even have our own Japanese website! A recent highlight was when a group of 20 senior students travelled to Japan for 10 days on our thirdJapan Study Tour! A visit to our Pen Pal School, Fuzoku Elementary, was a highlight. Students in Year 5 & 6 write letters to their Pen Pals and some of the Year 5s have skyped with classes in Japan. We are very fortunate to have a beautiful Japanese garden attached to our classroom. Its a wonderful place to learn. Our Japanese program is more than just language learning – we encourage our students to develop an understanding of other people’s cultures and their ways of thinking and living.

Language Translator